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with Dr. Shannon Ritchey, PT, DPT

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Listen to Dr. Shannon Ritchey, PT, DPT, as she combines the latest research with her expertise as a fitness trainer, providing you with practical insights to enhance your fitness journey.

Consistency is the currency for results if you follow five basic principles. If you get these principles down, your body will get stronger. We explain each on in detail in this episode.

The five basics that drive results (that most people don’t follow)

Episode #39

Body recomposition is a three-pronged approach that involves a balance between nutrition, training, and recovery. Body composition isn't everyone's goal, and that's completely ok! Skip this episode if it's not your goal.

Body Recomposition

Episode #77

In this episode, Shannon summarizes the highlights from three past episodes about cardio. She talks about why cardio isn't the best tool for fat loss, how to incorporate HIIT, and the differences between light intensity and moderate intensity steady state cardio

100th Episode Best Of: Cardio

Episode #101

Pilates is very popular right now. But is it "enough" for the modern woman?

Pilates... is it "enough?"

Episode #106

Do women HAVE to lift heavy to see muscle growth and stay strong as we age? The answer in Shannon's perspective: no. Shannon explores why this is being recommended and challenges the idea that you have to lift heavy to reach your goals.

Do women HAVE to lift heavy?

Episode #114

Metabolic flexibility may be a term you've heard before. But what does it mean, and why is it important for overall health? 

Metabolic Flexibility: Improve energy & body composition while decelerating aging

Episode #121

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